Organizational Advantages

[a player may have 1 organizational advantage per 200 levels of play]

And there you go.

Black Sun

Dawn of the Dead

You get to spend additional Levels equal to the number of Advantage Points available to the Party, on Modifications for it's Undead creatures. For example in a Gamma encounter of 300 Levels, you may spend up to 30 additional Levels, only on Undead Modifications. These additional Levels do increase the Level of the Undead when computing victory points.

Free Agents

You may include a Wanderer Character for each Black Sun Character in your party that isn't Undead, instead of only being able to include one per 200 levels available to your party. Additionally, Wanderer Characters cost 5 less levels to include in your Party, and are worth 5 less Victory Points. For example, a Party with three living Black Sun Characters could include Khaine, Faust, and Bellith. (Normally 50, 60, and 45 Levels) as if they where Level 45, 55, and 40. This reduction is not taken into account when a Character's Level is referenced by an ability during the game. 

Corporate Espionage

At the start of the match, the enemy player must reveal all his advantage cards. You can remove up to 5 levels for each 200 levels of match size. This cannot break Team cards.

Azur Alliance


During Recovery Phase one character in your party can recover one additional Action Point. A different character can be chosen each turn. In level 400 or greater games, two characters can recover one additional AP instead of one.

Absolute Control

Arbiters in party receive an additional Order Point each turn and their Influence Zone is increased by 2 inches.

Shadow Lords

Prowler's cost 5 level less for the party and they are worth 5 less levels of Victory Points. This reduction does not affect the character's level in reference to abilities during the game. A 40 level prowler is still level 40 when you go to determine whether abilities affect or not.


All units get: if they cause damage, all attacks cause Poison Lv 1. Efect 13. If the attack already caused Poison, add +1 to the effect. This poision will even affect models immune to poison. The enemy's control area is reduced to half when trying to locate hidden models and to stop a model from going hidden.


Unshakable Faith

At the beginning of the game place a Faith Counter on each character in the party. When an enemy attack reduces a unit's Life Points to 0, instead of being removed as casualty that unit make a Resistance Check against Effect 17. If the Check is passed, remove Faith Counter form the unit to allow it stay in play with 1 LP. This Adventage only works when an enemy unit directly causes Damage suffered by the unit. A unit that loses its LP due to Sacrifice or Effects that removes directly from play cannot use Unshakable Faith.


At the start of the game choose one of the following: Dark, Light or Mystic. Characters in your party get +2 Damage whenever they make any kind of attack against units of chosen type.

Divine Meditation

You may reroll one die doll of your choose each turn. In games at Level 400 or higher, you can reroll two die rolls per turn.


The player gets a "miracle" at the start of each turn, whenever a friendly model dies or if a model uses 2 actions in the maintanance phase to get one. Once per round player may spend stated number of miracle tokens to activate the miracle.

  • 1 — A friendly unit get a possitive state of your choice.
  • 2 — A friendly unit loses a negative state of your choice.
  • 3 — An enemy model suffers Seal Lv 1, effect 15.
  • 4 — A friendly unit gets +1 attack and +1 defence for the turn.
  • 5 — The enemy loses a gnose point.


The Empress's Chosen

At start of the play, choose a character in your party. This character receives +1 Attack, +1 Defense, +2 Resistance, and may roll additional die keeping the highest result when making any Attack or Charge (normal or special).

Combat Mastery

All Characters in the party receive Innate Ability: Critical Mastery. Any character that already possessing Critical Mastery causes Critical Hits on 8, 9 and 10.

Imperial Armor

All characters in the party receive +1 Armor. This modifier cannot be reduced or negated in any way. Characters in party always have at least 1 Armor, even if the attack would normally completely negate or ignore the defender's armor.

Empire Tactica

During the recharge phase, the player has to choose one of the following tactics. The chosen tactic affects all units. You can decide to not use any tactic:

  • Hold!: Reduce action recharge by 1, but add 1 to defence and armour.
  • Charge!: If they charge, roll an additional die. Defence is 2 lower.
  • Advance!: Increase movement when advancing or running by 5cm, but attack drops by 2.


Supernatural Mastery

The maximum distance of the party's Ranged Attack is increased by 4 inches. Mystic characters in party increase their Control Zone by 2 inches when it is referenced by one of their Magical Special Abilities.

Innate Mystic

Mystic characters in party cost 5 level less. This does not change their level in references to effects during the game, just how many levels you paid for them and how many Victory Points they are worth.

Existential Link

All summons brought to play by the party appear with 1 additional Bind Point.

Forbidden Lore

All effects caused by a magical ability are 1 level and effect higher.


The Process

After Upkeep Phase is over, place a positive state counter (Healing, Haste, Shield, Protection or Berserker) on any two characters of your party. Each one can receive a different state (i.e. one receives Shield, while the other one got Healing). Both counters cannot be placed on the same unit. Different characters can be chosen each turn. If only one unit can be targeted, by this advantage, second counter is lost. Process cannot be used on Gears or units that are Hidden during Upkeep Phase.

Lost Loggia

You may double the number of Advantage points and Advantage Cards that normally be avaible for your Game Level. I.e. in Gamma Level (300lvl) , with 6 characters you have 30 Adventage Points and can have up to 6 Advantage Cards. With this advantage, you have 60 Advantage Points and can have up to 12 Advantage Cards.

Gear Project

Gears get 5 cheaper.


The wissenschaft list gains an additional wanderer slot. Wanderers slots get a 10 level discount.