Neutral Samael Mystic — Lv. 35 (small base)

At 4 | Dm 2 | Df 8 | Ar 0 | LP 12 | Re 11 | Mo / | AP 2/4

Spirit of the Snow: Yuki cannot Walk, Run, Charge, or use Free Movement.

ooo — Tree Frost (Magic, Movement)
Place Yuki anywhere within 24 inches of her current position. This movement cannot be intercepted and ignores all movement penalties.

ooo — Absolute Zero (Magic, Effect)
Enemy Units within 12 inches and in Line of Sight of Yuki cannot make any kind of movement or Charge for the rest of the Turn. Effect 18. Limit: Once per game.

oo — Ice Splinters (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance 16 inches. +1 Attack / +2 Damage.

oo — Blizzard (Magic, Effect)
One enemy Unit within 20 inches and in Line of Sight of Yuki suffers Slow Lv. 1 and has the distance of its Ranged Attacks as well as the Speed of its Movements halved until the end of the Turn. Effect 16.