En Victory Points

From the Web Addendum Vol. I:

Once both players have their point totals, you need to interpret the results. For this, the player with the higher Victory Point total subtracts the other player’s total and looks up the difference on the following table. For example, if a player has received 40 points more than their rival they’re achieved a partial victory, but if they have 170 that means they’ve reached Annihilation.

• Up to 25 Points; Tie
If the point difference between the two is not larger than 25, the result is a tie. This means that neither of the players has been able to impose itself on its rival enough to have won a victory.

• 30 to 50 Points; Partial Victory
The winner has managed a slight superiority over the antagonist, so it can be considered the winner. Nevertheless, the result isn’t clear enough to be considered a complete victory.

• 55 to 150 Points; Clear Victory
The winner has clearly dominated the adversary, and has achieved a decisive victory that leaves no doubt about the result.

• 155+ Points; Annihilation
More than a decisive victory, when one of the players receives 155 points or more over the adversary, it means he has managed to completely wipe his forces off the table and has won the game decisively. The other side has been completely annihilated in more than once sense.