Type-020: Verrier

Neutral Black Sun Warrior Undead — Lv. 30+ (medium base)

At 4/5 | Dm 4/5 | Df 9 | Ar 2 | LP 15 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Influence: 1 Uncontrollable: 10+
Availability: Type-020's aren’t unique and you may include 1 for every 150 levels available to your party.
Innate Abilities: Advanced Deployment, Damage Resistance, Flight, Infiltration.
Decay: At the end of the Maintenance Phase, enemy units within the Type-020's Control Zone lose 1 LP. Effect 14.

oo — Shadow Wings (Magic, Effect)
Enemy units within the Type-020's Control Zone suffer Blind Lv. 1. Effect 15.

ooo — Gaunt Wings (Magic, Charge)
+2 Attack. If this Charge causes damage, and the targeted unit doesn't have a larger base than Type-020's, the target is moved from the Type-020 along its line of charge the same distance that the Type-020 charged. This movement doesn't affect intervening units or terrain, so no collisions will result.

oo — Deployment Wings (Magic, Effect)
Move any number of Undead units, of level 40 or lower, in your party to be within Type-020's Control Zone. Each unit is moved and repositioned separately and may be anywhere within Type-020's Control Zone, though they can't be placed within 2 inches of an enemy unit. This ability can't affect engaged units. Limit: Once per game.


A type-020 may be given one of the following upgrades, increasing its basic level by the amount noted:

Type-020+: Deployment Model — Level: +5
The Deployment Model increases its Speed to 12/16 and can use the Deployment Wing ability without paying any AP.

Type-020A: Elite — Level: +5
The Elite uses its secondary attributes and looses the Damage Resistance innate ability.

Type-020B: Banshee — Level: +5
The Banshee gets the Ranged Attack (16 inches) innate ability. Additionally its Ranged Attack cause Slow Lv. 2 if they do damage. Effect 15.

Type-021: Queen — Level: +10
The Queen uses its secondary attributes. While the Queen is in play, Undead of equal or lesser level ignore the Uncontrollable rule. Only one Type-020 in the party may take this upgrade.