Neutral Black Sun Warrior Undead — Lv. 25+ (small base)

At 4 | Dm 5 | Df 9 | Ar 0 | LP 16 | Re 9 | Mo 6/10 | AP 2/4

Influence: 1 Uncontrollable: 10+

Innate Abilities: Damage Resistance.
Availability: Type-009 aren't unique, you can include 1 for every 100 levels available to your party.
Whip of Bones: The Type-009 may make close combat basic Attacks on enemy units within 2 inches of itself.
Neuronal Poison: If any Attack (basic or special) made by the Type-009 causes damage, the target suffers Slow Lv. 1. Effect 15.

o — Implosion (Special Attack)
+3 Attack. This attack affects all enemy units that are within 4 inches of its target. The Type-009 is eliminated after resolving this attack.

o — Core (Special Effect)
An enemy unit engaged with the Type-009 suffers Paralyzed Lv. 1 and Slow Lv. 1. The Type-009 is eliminated after resolving this ability. Effect 18.


A Type-009 may be given one of the following upgrades increasing their base Level by thae amount noted:

Type-009C: Shadow Level: +5
The Type-009C: Shadow increases its speed to 12/16 and gets the Infiltration and Advanced Deployment Innate Abilities.

Type-009A: Elite Level +5
The Type:009 Elite loses the Damage Resistance Innate Ability.

Type-009B: Murderer Level +5
When the Type-009B: Murderer is destroyed, it can activate either Implosion or Core as a reactive skill paying no costs.

Type-010: Commander Level +10
While the Type-010: Commander is in play, other Type-009's and Type-005's (yes, even upgraded) in your party ignore the Uncontrollable rules and get +1 Attack. Only one Type-009 in a party can take this upgrade.