Neutral Black Sun Warrior Undead — Lv. 20+ (small base)

At 4 | Dm 3 | Df 8 | Ar 2 | LP 12 | Re 10 | Mo 6/10 | AP 2/4

Influence: 1 Uncontrollable: 10+

Innate Abilities: Damage Resistance.
Availability: Type-005 aren't unique, and you may include 1 for every 100 Levels available to your party.
Final Protocol: When the LP of a Type-005 reach 0 or less remove it from the game as normal and replace it with a marker the same size as its base. At the beginning of next Action Phase, before any Character is activated, make an attack (Attack: 5 / Damage: 5) that affects all Units within 2 inches of the marker. Remove the marker after this attack is resolved.

ooo — Bone Harpoon (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (12 in.)

oo — Chain of Bones (Magic, Effect)
A Character within 2 inches of Type-005 loses one Action Point. Effect 15.


A Type-005 may be given one of the following upgrades, increasing their base level by the amount noted:

Type 005A: Assault — Level +5
The Type-005 gets +3 Damage.

Type 005B: Elite — Level +10
The Type-005 no longer has the Damage Resistance rule.

Type 005C: Regenerator — Level +5
The Type-005 recovers 4 Life Points at the beginning of each Recovery Phase.

Type 006: Commander — Level +10
While the Type-006 is in play, every Type-005 in your party (including the Commander itself) ignores the Uncontrollable rule and gets +1 Influence. Only one Type-006 may be included per party.