From the Web Addendum vol. I:


If an Attack causes Throw, that means it not only causes conventional Damage, but the target is pushed away by the hit as many Inches as LP has suffered from the impact. For example, if an Attack has caused 8 Damage Points, the target miniature would not only lose 8 LP, but it would also move 8 Inches. Attacks that use a line to show its trajectory, like Charges or Ranged Attacks, always move the defender in the direction of this line. If it’s a Hand-to-hand Attack, then the Character can choose the direction of movement.


A miniature thrown headlong through the air by a Throw may run into many different things midflight. Depending on the kind of scenery features the Character runs into in the air, the Character will suffer varying consequences, as explained in the following. Remember that Armor doesn’t reduce damage caused to characters by crashes.

Minor Obstacles: They don’t reduce the miniature’s movement. A Character suffers a point of automatic Damage for each one it hits while in the air.

Forests: The miniature’s movement is reduced by 2 Inches. The Character suffers 2 points of automatic Damage when thrown through a forest, and is stunned, so it isn’t able to be activated that turn (if it hasn’t yet).

Walls and other similar solid surfaces: The miniature’s movement is reduced by 4 Inches and suffers 3 points of damage at the moment the Character hits the solid surface. For example, if the miniature hits a stone wall when 1 Inch is left to move, it stops moving and loses 3 Life points automatically. If it still has 6 Inches left to move at the moment of impact, it would continue to move 2 Inches more and would still lose 3 Life points. As in the case of a forest zone, the Character is stunned and cannot act.