The Nameless

Dark Wanderer Optional Leader Warrior — Lv. 85

At 6 | Dm 6 | Df 9 | Ar 1 | LP 20 | Re 12 | Mo 30/ 40 (12/16) | AP 3/5

Death Sword: If The Nameless’ attacks or skills do damage, cause Doom Lv. 1. Effect 15.
Thanathos: The Nameless may sacrifice 3 LP before any roll to obtain a +2 bonus to the roll result.
Innate Abilities: Immunity (Doom).

ooo — Demise (Ki, Attack)
+5 Attack.

oo — Death Shadow (Ki, Dodge)
+2 Defense. If The Nameless successfully Dodges, he can automatically Escape from combat and move up to 8 inches. While doing this movement, he is Intangible, but he cannot engage into Hand-to-hand combat with another unit.

ooo — Death Reach (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (16 Inch.). +2 Attack.

ooo — Hand of Death (Ki, Attack)
The Nameless attacks all enemy units within 2 Inches.

Shadows of Memories

Optional Leader: You may choose to use this skill card when The Nameless is in your party. If you do, The Nameless gains +5 levels, has the abilities on this card, and is a Leader.

Freelance: If you choose The Nameless as your leader you can’t use Organization special rules.

Army of Memories: If you choose The Nameless as your leader you ignore any Faction or Organization restriction and add any unit in your party, including Light ones. Those units are shadows of their true selves, and apply three special rules:

· Each unit cost 10 Level less than they usually do (that is, a Lv 40 unit would cost 30 Lvs). This rule can’t reduce the Level of a character under 10.

· Each unit have 6 less Life Points that they usually have (-10 if they are Damage Resistance Units). This counts not as damage, but as reduced base stats. This malus can only reduce the base stats up to half their total Life Points, rounded up.

· The units do not leave the game when their Life Points reach zero. At the end of any turn, retire them from game if they still have zero Life Points.