Team Weapons Of Azrael

Type: Plot
Characters: Macbeth and Lilian Virgil
Level: +5

Macbeth and Lilian Virgil form a Team

  • Lilian's Additional Abilities:

Breath of Life: As long as Lilian has Line of Sight to Macbeth, her Breath of Life ability affects all friendly Units within 4 inches instead of only Units that she comes into base-to-base contact with

Inspiration: During the Recovery Phase, if Lilian is within Macbeth’s Control Zone, Inspiration’s cost is reduced by 1 Action Point.

  • Macbeth’s Additional Abilities:

Sacred Assault: While affected by Lilian’s Inspiration ability, Macbeth can charge up to 12 inches.

Lillian’s Protector: Macbeth can Intercept a Charge or a Ranged Attack made against Lillian from up to 4 inches away.