Team Twin Shadow

Type: Plot
Characters: Kagemaru and Zenobius
Level: +5

Kagemaru and Zenobius form a Team and receive the following special abilities:
Elusive Shadow: If Kagemaru and Zenobius are in contact with the same enemy, either one is gets Intangible while performing an Escape action.

  • Kagemaru's Additional Abilities:

Kageken: Kagemaru can remove a Shadow that is within his Control Zone to get +3 Attack when making a Basic Attack. If the attack destroys the target replace it with a Shadow.

  • Zenobius’ Additional Abilities:

Ninja: Zenobius is a Wanderer instead of Azur Alliance.
Honorable Teacher: If Zenobius have line of sight with Kagemaru he can activate Stealth at the cost of one Action Point.
Spontaneous Shadow: If Kagemaru successfully use his Kage ability while in Zenobius’ Control Zone, place a Shadow where Kagemaru was before he escaped.