Team The Dark Hand

Type: Plot.
Characters: October, September & May.
Level: +5
October, September, and May form a team and receive the following special abilities:

  • October’s Additional Abilities:

Group Combat: October doesn’t suffer any penalties when he attacks an enemy unit that is engaged in combat with another team member.

  • September’s Additional Abilities:

Share the Pain: Whenever October or May take damage from an attack or ability while in September’s Control Zone, the attacker loses 1 Life Point. In the case of attacks on area affecting more than one of them at once, the attacker must resist each effect separately. Effect 15.

  • May’s Additional Abilities:

Ice Arrows: If, during the Maintenance Phase, May is within 4 inches of October, she can spend 1 AP to give him a Power token.
Combined Murder: May doesn’t suffer any penalties when she uses a Ranged Attack or Moon Zero against an enemy unit that is engaged in combat only with The Dark Hand members, nor can she hit her companions on 1 or 2 result of attack roll.