Team The Puppet Master

Type: Plot.
Characters: Adolf, Frey, and Freya.
Level: +5

Adolf, Frey and Freya form a Team, gaining the following special abilities;

  • Adolf's Additional Abilities

Frey or Freya will only be affected by these abilities if they are within 12 inches of Adolf.

oo — Compello (Subterfuge, Effect)
Frey or Freya may immediately make a free attack.
oo — Clamito (Subterfuge, Effect, Reactive)
Frey or Freya recovers an Action Point.
oo — Luctus (Subterfuge, Effect, Reactive)
Frey or Freya gets +2 Attack until the end of the turn.

  • Frey and Freya's Additional Abilities

Subjugated: While Frey or Freya have Line of Sight to Adolf, instead of rolling for the Unbound rule you may choose whether or not to have Frey or Freya suffer Berserk.
Blood Sisters: If either Frey or Freya is destroyed, the survivor suffers Berserk Lv. 1
Pack Hunters: Once per game, You can choose to activate Frey and Freya together. They each function as they normally would, except you will take all of your actions with both Frey and Freya during the same Activation. Once you have finished taking Actions with both of them, your opponent may activate their next Character.