Team Kujaku Hime and Takanosuke

Type: Plot
Characters: Kujaku Hime and Takanosuke
Level: +5

Kujaku Hime and Takanosuke form a Team. While both stay in play, they gain the following special skills:

  • Takanosuke's Additional Skill

o — Guardian (Special, Reactive)
Takanosuke is able to interchange his actual position with Kujaku Hime at any time if she is within his Control Zone. This skill may be used even if she is the target of an Attack, Charge or negative Effect. Guardian may not be activated if Takanosuke is engaged in Hand-to-hand combat with an enemy unit.
Limit: 1 per turn.

  • Kujaku Hime's Additional Skill

Kage Combo: Immediately following a Kage Shuriken attack from Takanosuke, Kujaku Hime may execute a single offensive action (Attack, Charge, or Special Offensive Ability) against the same target as a Reactive Action. The action cost of the executed attack remains the same.