Team Executive Team

Type: Plot
Characters: Clover and Bridget.
Level: +5

Clover and Bridget form a team and get the following special abilities.

  • Bridget's Additional Abilities:

Secretary: Bridget must choose Clover as her director.
Delegate: If Bridget starts a Recovery Phase within Clover's Control Zone, she gets +2 Guidance Points this turn.
Resurrection: When Bridget and Clover are in play, whenever a Type-005 is destroyed you may choose to ignore Final Protocol. If you do ignore Final Protocol, place a Corpse counter at the point where the Type-005 was destroyed.
Command Protocols: Bridget must be within Clover's Control Zone to be able to use either of the following two abilities.

o — Destruction Protocol (Magic, Effect)
Choose a friendly Undead Unit within 12 inches of Bridget. The chosen unit makes a free attack that affects each unit within 4 inches of itself. The chosen unit is destroyed after making this attack. This ability has no effect on Undead who are also Leaders. Limit: Once per turn.

oo — Resurrection Protocol (Magic, Effect)
Replace every Corpse counter that is within Bridget's Control Zone with a basic Type-005 (no upgrades) with 6 LP. The Type-005 put into play in this way can't be worth Victory Points to either player. Limit: Once per game.