Team Condemned Lovers

Type: Plot
Characters: Drake and Cenette.
Level: +5

Drake and Cenette form a Team, gaining the following special abilities;

  • Drakes' Additional Abilities

Blinded by Anger: If Cenette is removed as a casualty, Drake gets the Innate Ability: Flight, Berserk Lv. 3, Haste Lv. 3 and Shield Lv. 3.
Bodyguard: Drake can Intercept a Charge or Ranged Attack made against Cennette from up to 4 inches away.

  • Cenette's Additional Abilities

Live Blood: If Drake is removed as a casualty while he is within Cenette's Control Zone, Cenette may pay 10 LP to have Drake remain with 5 LP. Cennette can execute this ability even if she has less than 10 Life Points. If she does, then she is removed as a Casualty.
Combined Combat: If Cenette is engaged with the same enemy unit as Drake she gets +1 Attack.