Team Cerberus Division

Type: Plot
Characters: Daniella, Vayl, and Janus.
Level: +5

Daniella, Vayl and Janus form a Team and receive the following special abilities;

  • Janus' Additional Abilities

Team Leader: Janus gains Critical Mastery.

  • Daniella's Additional Abilities

Team Snipe: Daniella does not suffer the -1 for Ranged Attacks against an enemy unit engaged in Hand-to-Hand combat with either Janus or Vayl.

  • Vayl's Additional Abilities

Time Step: During Vayl's activation he may place a Lv. 1 Slow counter on any Cerberus Division member in his Control Zone to place a Lv 1 Haste counter on another team member. The unit Vayl places the Haste counter on must be in his Control Zone and cannot be the one that got the Slow Counter.

Daniella's Guardian: Vayl gains Advanced Deployment.