Sharsha "Friedegunde"

Dark Wanderer Warrior — Lv. 50

At 5 | Dm 5 | Df 9 | Ar 1 | LP 16 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Enemy: Friedegunde can not be included in a Black Sun party.
Heating Anger: Each time Friedegunde hits an enemy unit, she gains a Power Token.
Stunning Strikes: If Friedegunde's attacks inflict damage, they cause Slow lvl.1 Effect 14.

ooo — Suffering (Ki, Attack)
+3 Attack. This attack causes Throw, ignoring the size of the enemy's base.

oooo — Gehenna (Ki, Attack)
+1 Attack / +1 Damage. This attack affects all units within 3 inches from Friedegunde. Limit: Once per turn.

oo — Pure Wrath (Walk, Effect)
Friedegunde gains a Power Token.

Unholy Alchemy

Burning Athanor: Friedegunde's Speed attribute increases to 12/16 until the end of the turn. To activate this ability, you must spend 1 Power Token during the Upkeep Phase.
From Lead to Gold: Friedegunde recovers 3 LP. To activate this ability, you must spend 2 Power tokens during the Upkeep Phase.
Beyond the Limits: Friedegunde recovers 3 Action Points and may move again, even if she already did during this turn. To activate this ability, you must spend 3 Power tokens during her activation. Limit: Once per game.
Beyond the Grave: When Friedegunde's LP fall to 0, if she has 4 or more Power Tokens, replace her with a marker which represents her body. During the next Recovery Phase, remove all her Power Tokens and she comes back in the game within 2 inches from the marker, with 8 LP. If Friedegunde isn't present on the table at the end of the game, then she is counted as a casualty. Limit: Once per game.