Dark Empire Warrior — Lv. 45

At 5 | Dm 5 | Df 8 | Ar 1 | LP 15 | Re 9 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Innate Abilities: Critical Mastery, Infiltration, Immunity (Poison).
Pain Master: Each time September takes damage, the unit who inflicted it loses 3 Life Points, Effect 15.
Wrath of the Fallen: If September is Berserk when he loses all his LP, he stays on the table until the end of the turn before being removed from the game. While he has 0 Life Points, he can not be healed.
To the Limit: If he has 10 LP or less remaining, September gets Attack +1. If he has 5 LP or less remaining, he recovers 4 Action Points instead of 3.

ooo — Catastrophe in Wave (Attack, Ki)
September makes an attack against all enemies in contact with his base. Then he makes an additional attack against one enemy unit.

o — Dark Side (Effect, Ki)
September becomes Berserk lvl 2.

A part of Team The Dark Hand along with October and May.