Samiel, The Black Lion

Dark Empire Warrior — Lv. 55 (medium base)

At 5 | Dm 5 | Df 8 | Ar 3 | LP 15 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Innate Abilities: Immune (Doom).
The Black Sword: If Samiel's attacks do damage, cause Doom Lv. 1. Effect 13.
Dark Lions: Samiel's close combat attacks simultaneously affect all enemy units in melee range with his base.
The Soul of the Beast: If an enemy unit in melee range of Samiel attempts to Escape from Combat, regardless if it is successful or not, Samiel performs a free Attack against it. This attack does not benefit from the rule Dark Lions.

o — Hearth of Shadows (Magic, Effect)
Samiel gains Berserk Lv. 2. Limit: Once per game.

ooo — Preying Shadows (Ki, Ranged Attack)
Distance (16 Inches).

ooo — For the Fallen (Ki, Attack)
+5 Damage. This attack does not benefit from the rule Dark Lions.

Death Pact

Eternal Damnation: At the beginning of the game, place a power counter on Samiel. Each time Samiel destroys an enemy unit, he gains an additional power counter (two if the target's level is higher than 50).
Unholy Power: Samiel may consume one power counter as a reactive action to obtain one of the next advantages:

  • Recover 1 Action Point.
  • Gain +2 Attack / +1 Damage until the end of the Turn.
  • The Black Sword ability becomes Doom Lv. 2 and Effect 16 until the end of the Turn.

Death Pact: Samiel does not leave the game when his Life Points reach zero if he still has power counters. Instead he enters an Undying state. While in Undying state, he can not take damage or recover Life Points by any means. At the beginning of each of the subsequent Upkeep Phases, retire one power counter. If he has none left, Samiel is removed from the game. Samiel is considered a casualty for the Victory Point calculation if he ends the game in Undying state.
Life for a Life: While in Undying state, if Samiel destroys the enemy unit that dropped his Life Points to zero, he may choose to recover 7 Life Points instead of gaining a power counter, removing him from the Undying state.