Raziel Nk-X

Neutral Black Sun Warrior Undead Optional Leader — Lv. 55+ (medium base)

At 5 | Dm 8 | Df 8 | Ar 4 | LP 20| Re 10 | Mo 6/10 | AP 2/4

Influence: 2 Uncontrollable: 9+
Availability: Raziel Nk-X's are not unique, and you may include 1 for every 300 Levels available to your Party.
Unstoppable: When the Raziel NK-X's Life Points are reduced to 0 it isn't removed from the game as a casualty, instead it becomes Unstoppable. While Unstoppable the Raziel Nk-X is immune to damage and gets -2 Attack. At the beginning of Upkeep Phase roll a die, on a 3+ the Raziel Nk-X is removed as a casualty. If the Raziel Nk-X is Unstoppable when the game ends it is worth a number of Victory Points as if it had been removed as a casualty.
Raxxor Zero: When the Raziel Nk-X destroys an enemy unit, it heals one LP for every 5 levels of the destroyed character. For example, if the Raziel Nk-X destroys a Level 35 unit, it would heal 7 LP. If the Raziel NK-X heals due to this ability while Unstoppable, it reverts to normal and is no longer Unstoppable.
Dead Eyes: The Raziel Nk-X gets +1 to Seek rolls.

o — Exterminator Claw (Ki, Attack)
-4 Damage. This Attack can only be used after a successful Basic Attack or Basic Charge. This Attack is not affected by the Raxxor Zero ability.

ooo — Nova (Magic, Attack)
This Attack effects every unit within 2 inches of the Raziel Nk-X.


A Raziel Nk-X may be given up to two of the following upgrades, increasing their base Level by the amount noted.

Dual Raxxors — Level: +5
The Raziel Nk-X's Exterminator Claw no longer suffers -4 damage, and is affected by the Raxxor Zero ability.

Indestructible — Level: +5
The Raziel Nk-X gets +10 Life Points, +1 Armor, and the Damage Resistance Innate Ability.

Spectral Body — Level: +10
At the End of each Recovery Phase roll a die. On a 6+ the Raziel Nk-X is Intangible until the end of the turn.


A Raziel NK-X can be upgraded to a Crossraiker, choosing one of the options below. Additionally this gives the Raziel-NkX +5 Levels, makes it a Leader, and removes the Uncontrollable ability from them.

  • Anubis: Anubis is a Controller and has 2 Guidance points.
  • Thanatos: Thanatos Attack is increased to 6 and it gains Critical Mastery.
  • Pluto: Pluto recoverys one additional Action Point per turn. If Pluto's attacks deal damage, the target suffers Blind Lv. 2. Effect 15.
  • Osiris: While Osiris is Unstoppable it doesn't apply the -2 Attack modifier and is only removed from the game on a roll of 5+ at the beginning of the Upkeep Phase.
  • Hermes: Hermes gains the Initiative ability, and its speed is increased to 12/16.