Raziel Archetypum

Neutral Black Sun Warrior Undead — Lv. 45+ (medium base)

At 5 | Dm 6/8 | Df 8 | Ar 4 | LP 16| Re 10 | Mo 6/10 | AP 2/4

Influence: 2 Uncontrollable: 9+
Availability: Raziel Archetypums are not unique, and you may include 1 for every 150 levels available to your Party.
Raxxor: Whenever a Raziel Archetypum causes a Critical Hit, it uses its secondary damage attribute for that Attack.
Dead Eyes: The Raziel Archetypum gets +1 to Seek rolls.

o — Finishing Claw (Ki, Attack)
-3 Damage. This Attack can only be used after the Raziel Archetypum resolves a successful basic Attack or Charge. This Attack is not affected by the Raxxor ability.

ooo — Sweep (Ki, Attack)
+2 Damage. This Attack effects every Enemy Unit engaged with the Raziel Archetypum.


A Raziel Archetypum may be given up to two of the following upgrades, increasing their base Level by the amount noted.

Dual Raxxors — Level: +5
The Raziel Archetypum's Finisher Claw no longer suffers -3 damage, and benefits from the Raxxor Ability.

Indestructable — Level: +5
The Raziel Archetypum gains +10 Life Points, +1 Armor, and the Damage Resistance rule.

Retractable Finger Claws — Level: +5
The Raziel Archetypum gains the following Skill.

ooo — Retractable Fingers (Ki, Ranged Attack)
Distance 12 Inches. -3 Damage. If this Attack causes damage the target is moved in a straight line, ignoring any interfering units or terrain, to contact with the base of the Raziel Archetypum. This ability is not affected by the Raxxor Ability. Effect 15

Spectral Body — Level: +10
At the End of each Maintenance Phase roll a die. On a 6+ the Raziel Archetypum is Intangible until the end of the turn.