Ranged Attacks With Area Effects

From the Web Addendum Vol. I:

Ranged Attacks with Area Effects

Certain special Ranged Attacks allow Characters to affect multiple enemies. Generally, these Attacks target a specific enemy unit and success in hitting this target is necessary to produce the explosion that affects the rest. If a Character designated as primary target successfully defends itself from the attack (that is, stops it from hitting in some way), the attack has been stopped or deflected before it hits.
When a Ranged Attack with Area Effect is declared against a target, the target must declare whether or not it will dodge. Only if the Attack is successful is it necessary to measure the area and determine how many miniatures are affected. Then, all characters inside the affected area must state if they will Dodge or not, knowing already the final result of the Attack.
Although it's possible for a miniature in the trajectory of the shot to Intercept the Attack, the Area Effects can’t be intercepted once it has hit the target.