Ranged Attack

From the Saga I Rulebook:

An attack attempt by a character with the ability to launch projectiles, spells, or use Ki techniques at greater than hand-to-hand combat distance is called a Ranged Attack. Ranged Attacks use the same system as hand-to-hand attacks, except that no Counterattacks are possible against Ranged Attacks. To attack an enemy using a Ranged Attack, the enemy unit must be in the Line of Sight of the attacking character and within the range of the attack form, which is listed on the attacker’s Character card. Unlike hand-to-hand combat, there are special modifiers that affect the Attack value of the attacking character. Penalties to Ranged Attack values are cumulative.

Long Range: When a Ranged Attack is made against a unit that is farther than half the attack’s listed range, the Attack suffers a -1 penalty. For example, a Ranged Attack with a range of 16 inches will suffer a -1 penalty when targeting an enemy more than 8 inches away.

Cover: When the target is partially covered by scenery features or there are minor obstacles in the attacker’s Line of Sight to the target, the Attack receives a -2 penalty to their Attack value. Normal size characters don’t act as cover in the Line of Sight. For more information about cover, see the Scenery section.

Character Engaged in Hand-to-hand Combat: Ranged Attacks against characters already engaged in hand-to-hand combat receive -1 to their Attack value.

Superior Position: A character at a higher elevation than its target receives +1 to its Attack value. Also, Superior Position attacks cannot be intercepted by other units via the Cover rule.