Random Rulings

This page is for rulings that don't fit anywhere just yet, or whose page doesn't exist.

[06/26/2009]Abilities targetting a friendly unit may target the unit itself unless stated otherwise.

[06/26/2009]Any means of movement can engage an enemy in close combat.

[06/26/2009]Counterattacks can be countered in turn.

?? [06/26/2009]Running can be intercepted. This'd go in Interception when the page is made, unless the rules already state it. I've forgotten.

[06/26/2009]Units don't block Line of Sight.

[06/27/2009]'Any' always means 'as many as you want'.

Maximo Ligori [07/05/2009] Ligori's Raxxor Slayer doubles damage after all modifyiers and armor are applied.

[07/06/2009] Retiring a unit from play doesn't count as dying and doesn't trigger effects depending on death of a unit.

[07/20/2009]Abilities triggered after an attack don't trigger if the attack Seals the unit (e.g. If an attack puts a seal counter on Konosuke, he won't gain a Power Counter).

[07/22/2009]Any skill can only be activated once in reaction to a certain action (e.g. you can only use one dodge action for every attack).

Samael Agent
Samael Agent can never be Neutral. If an equal number of negative and positive effects for Arcane are chosen, or if none are chosen, the player can choose either Dark or Light affiliation. If there are more positive effects the agent will be Light-aligned, and vice-versa.

Samael Agent[08/15/2009]Arcane can apply only one of the Effects purchased for the Agent. More than one effect can be purchased.

[08/15/2009]Abilities with the same name do not stock.

[09/04/2009] Any bonuses to actions must be declare upon the action's declaration, before any dice are rolled.

[09/06/2009] Agents' abilities must be determined upon creating the party, before the beginning of the game.

Church Agent [09/07/2009] Errata: The card states the agent is light-aligned, when it shoud be Neutral.ç

[09/08/2009]You need not reveal a character' attached advantage cards until the card says so or it is used for the first time.

Team The Three Dragons [12/19/2008] Heaven and Earth's extra Action Points
do not count for the 3 Action Point cost. Thus, the active character must pay three and the other two must pay one in order to activate the attack.