Dark Empire Prowler — Lv. 45

At 5 | Dm 3 | Df 8/12 | Ar 1 | LP 13 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Innate Abilities: Ranged Attack (16 inches), Advanced Deployment.
Master Archer: October has Critical Mastery when making Ranged Attacks.
Ice Arrows: During the Upkeep Phase October can spend any amount of AP to get an equal number of Power tokens. If October Walks, Runs or Charges he looses all of his Power tokens.
Assassin: October uses his secondary Defense attribute against ranged Attacks he is in cover against.

o — Liberation (Ki, Ranged Attack)
Distance (16 inches). Using this Attack costs one Power token. October may spend any number of additional Power tokens on this Attack. For every additional Power token spent, you can choose one additional of the following additional effects.

  • Liberation gets Distance +8 inches.
  • Liberation gets +1 Attack / +2 Damage.
  • If Liberation hits its target they can't move until the end of the turn. Effect 16.
  • Liberation can't be intercepted.
  • October uses Liberation against another target, keeping all of the additional effects that the first Attack possessed. This ability can be chosen twice, for a total of three attacks.

A part of Team The Dark Hand along with September and May.