Neutral Samael Warrior — Lv. 45 (medium base)

At 5 | Dm 6 | Df 9 | Ar 1 | LP 20 | Re 9 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Innate Abilities: Critical Mastery.
Arc of Destruction: Nahimana's Attacks affect all enemy Units in base-to-base contact with her.

ooo — Isi-Lu-Ga (Ki, Charge)
This Attack causes Throw.

ooo — U-Yo-Tsv-Hi (Ki, Ranged Attack)
Distance 12 inches. If this Attack hits, Nahimana may make a free Ranged Attack against another enemy Unit within 2 inches of the original target.

o — Spirits' Wrath (Magic, Effect, Reactive)
Remove all negative States from Nahimana, then she suffers Berserk Lv. 3. This ability can be used even if Nahimana is currently suffering from a negative State that wouldn't normally allow her to use abilities, such as Paralyzed or Seal.