Dark Samael Warrior/Mystic — Lv. 70 (large base)

At 5 | Dm 6 | Df 9 | Ar 2 | LP 40 | Re 11 | Mo 6/10 | AP 3/4

Innate Abilities: Critical Mastery, Damage Resistance.

oo — Infinium (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (12 inches).

o — Thanatos (Ki, Charge)
Thanatos may only be used against an Enemy Unit that has already been hit by Infinium this Turn. During the movement for this ability Morrigan is Intangible.

oo — Hypnos (Ki, Effect)
An enemy Unit that is within 12 inches of Morrigan is moved, in a straight line, into base to base contact with her. This ability cannot be used on a Unit already engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Effect 16.

oooo — Hades (Ki, Attack)
Morrigan makes three consecutive attacks against the same target. Even if Morrigan takes damage from a Counterattack, the remaining attacks from this ability will still be made.

Lady of Space and Time

Appendices: Any hand to hand attack made by Morrigan ignores 2 points of the defender's Armor.

Phase Step: Morrigan ignores all movement penalties due to difficult terrain, as well as climbing or descending from elevations.

Space Control: An enemy Unit that crosses or is inside of Morrigan's Control Zone reduces the distance that they can Walk, Run, or Charge by 2 inches. Characters of a level equal to or greater than Morrigan's are not affected by this ability.