Dark Wanderer Leader Warrior/Mystic — Lv. 100 (small base)

At 6 | Dm 5 | Df 9 | Ar 2 | LP 16 | Re 12 | Mo 15/ 25 (6/10) | AP 3/5

Innate Abilities: Intangible, Flight.
Aura of Terror: All enemy units that start a round inside Malekith’s Control Zone recover 1 Action Point less. Effect 16.

oo — Dark Beam (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (40 Cm / 16 C).

oooo — Nightmare Beam (Magic, Ranged Attack)
+3 Attack / +3 Damage. Distance (50 Cm / 20 C).

oo — Raven Flight (Magic, Effect, Movement)
Place Malekith in any point inside its actual Control Zone. This skill allows him to automatically escape from combat.

Lord of Nightmares

Nemesis: Once per game, at the start of a round, Malekith can place inside its Control Zone one unit chosen by you whose level can not exceed 60. It can be any character, even if it is already in the game. The unit appears with all its Action Points and must be at least one 3 Cm away (1 C) from any other unit. At the end of the round, remove that character from game.

Existential Barrier: Malekith can’t lose more than 8 Life points in a single round. If he does, put a marker in his actual position and remove it from the game. During the recovery Phase of the next round, place Malekith no farer than 10 Cm (4 C) from the marker.