Luther Delacroix

Dark Black Sun Mystic Leader — Lv. 65 (small base)

At 4 | Dm 2 | Df 9 | Ar 1 | LP 14 | Re 11 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/5

Guidance Points: 4
Innate Abilities: Immunity (Doom).
Lord of the Dead: If Luther is destroyed or removed from the game as casualty, friendly Undead units loose 5 LP.
Protected: Friendly Undead units that are out of control will never attack Luther.
Absolute Power: Whenever Luther uses one of his magic abilities put a Power counter on him. Once Luther has 2 or more Power tokens, before he uses a magic ability he may discard all the Power tokens he has to increase the abilities Effect by 2. The use of increased magic ability doesn't cause Luther to gain Power token.

oo — Reaper Scythe (Magic, Ranged Attack)
+1 Attack / +3 Damage. Distance (16 inches). If this attack causes damage the target suffers Doom Lv. 1. Effect 16.

oo — Sealed Soul (Magic, Effect)
An enemy unit within Luther's Control Zone suffers Poison Lv. 2 and Seal Lv. 2. Effect 16.

oo — Last Moments (Magic, Effect)
An enemy unit within Luther's Control Zone suffers Berserk Lv. 1 and Blind Lv. 1. Effect 16.

ooo — Raising Death (Magic, Effect)
An enemy unit within Luther's Control Zone suffers Paralysed Lv. 2. Effect 14.

The Book of the Dead

Unholy Power: During the Upkeep Phase, Luther may use his Guidance Points to activate one of the following abilities:

Requiem — 4 Guidance Points: Put a friendly Undead unit, of level 55 or less, that was destroyed last turn, within Luther's Control Zone, back into play. The unit returns to the game with 5 LP within Luther's Control Zone but can't be within 2 inches of an enemy unit. For scoring purposes, the unit counts as have not being destroyed. Requiem has no effect on units that have been removed from the game. Limit: Once per game.

Praxos — 2 Guidance Points: Remove a counter placed within Luther's Control Zone by a Type-005's Final Protocol ability. Return the Type-005 that created the Final Protocol token to the game anywhere within Luther's Control Zone with 5 LP. The returned Type-005 counts as if it hadn't been previously destroyed for scoring purposes.

Xibalba — 2 Guidance Points: Luther and friendly Undead unit within his Control Zone switch places. Neither unit may be engaged in combat.

Ahalpuh — 2 Guidance Points: Choose a friendly Undead unit within Luther's Control Zone. At the beginning of the Action Phase before any other unit is activated the chosen unit makes an Attack that affects all units within 2 inches of the chosen unit. Remove the chosen unit from the game after it makes the attack.