Lostaroth Marchosias

Dark Church Optional Leader Warrior — Lv. 55

At 6 | Dm 5 | Df 9 | Ar 0/5 | LP 18 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/5

Liberation: At any point you can have Marchosias suffer Berserk Lv.2
Lord of Slaughter: Whenever Marchosias destroys a unit, put a Slaughter Token on him. Having Slaughter Tokens on Marchosias will grant him additional abilities as detailed on the following chart:

—1+: While Marchosias suffers Berserk, he uses his secondary Armor attribute.
—2+: Marchosias gets Critical Mastery.
—3+: Whenever Marchosias makes an Attack, he rolls 2 dice and takes the highest.
—4+: Whenever Marchosias Attacks or Charges (Basic or Special ones), reduce the cost of that Action by 1 Action Point.

ooo — Neo Genocide (Ki, Attack)
+3 Attack. This Attack effects all enemy units engaged with Marchosias.

ooooo — Final Annihilation (Ki, Attack)
Marchosias makes 3 consecutive attacks against each enemy unit engaged with him.

And Death Walks With Him

Optional Leader: You may choose to use this skill card when Marchosias is in your party. If you do, Marchosias gains +5 levels, has the abilities on this card, and is a Leader.
Surge of Death: In addition to the effects described in Lord of Slaughter, Slaughter tokens also grant the abilities detailed in the following chart:

—1+: Friendly units within Marchosias's Control Zone gain +1 Damage.
—2+: Friendly units within Marchosias's Control Zone gain Critical Mastery.
—3+: Whenever friendly units within Marchoasias's Control Zone make an Attack, they roll 2 dice and take the highest.
—4+: If a friendly unit within Marchosias's Control Zone scores a Critical Hit, they can make a Basic Attack against the original Attack's target. The additional Attacks generated by this ability is not affected by it.