Legacy of Solomon

Neutral Wissenschaft Leader Warrior/Mystic — Lv. 60+ (large base)

At 6 | Dm 6 | Df 9 | Ar 5 | LP 35 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP varies/5

Damage Resistance: Legacy has Damage Resistance and cannot use Dodge or Counterattack Actions, except for Energy Screen.
Innate Abilities: Immunity (Poison, Blind), Open Movement.

oo — Energy Screen (Magic, Dodge)
+1 Defense. Limit: Once per turn.

ooo — Energy Wings (Magic, Attack)
+3 Attack / +3 Damage.

ooo — Unlimited (Magic, Attack)
Legacy makes an Attack against each enemy Unit within 3 inches of himself. Unlimited causes Throw.

ooo — The Voice of God (Magic, Attack)
Legacy makes two consecutive attacks against the same target.


Gear: A Gear cannot have Advantage cards associated and you must select a Pilot for it. The cost of the Pilot is added to the Gear's Level. The Pilot selected for a Gear determines the number of Actions Points it will recover per Turn and may give additional abilities.
Unique Pilot: The same Pilot cannot be selected more than once in the same party, regardless of the Gear he is in.

Reist Ebersbacher — Lv. +25
Recharge: ooo
Innate Abilities: Initiative.
As Pilot: Legacy obtains +1 Attack, +1 Defense, +2 Resistance and Critical Mastery.

Valeria Strauss — Lv. +10
Recharge: ooo
Innate Abilities: Advanced Deployment.
Indomitable: Legacy increases its Speed by 2 inches.