Neutral Azur Alliance Prowler — Lv. 40 (small base)

At 5 | Dm 3 | Df 9 | Ar 0 | LP 12 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Innate Abilities: Ranged Attack (16 Inches).
Poison Essence: All of Kirsten's attacks cause Poison Lv. 2. Effect 14.

o — Vodka (Subterfuge, Ranged Attack, Reactive)
Vodka may only be activated when an enemy unit declares a charge against Kirsten. At this moment, and before the enemy unit moves, she may make a Ranged Attack against that unit.

ooo — Sake (Subterfuge, Ranged Attack)
Ranged Attack (16 Inches). Kirsten makes two consecutive attacks. Each attack must be against separate targets.

oooo — Martini (Subterfuge, Ranged Attack)
Kirsten makes a Ranged Attack against all enemy units within 12 Inches and that she has Line of Sight with. Each attack must be rolled separately. Limit: Once per game.

o — Champagne (Subterfuge, Movement)
Kirsten moves 3 Inches. This movement may be made even if she has already moved this Turn. Limit: Once per Turn.

A part of Team Les Jaeger along with The Colonel, Kyler and Reindhold.