Kingsley Warlock

Dark Black Sun Warrior Mystic Controller — Lv. 45

At 5 | Dm 6 | Df 8 | Ar 1 | LP 16 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Guidance Points: 2

Blood Magic: Whenever Kingsley uses one of his Magic Abilities he loses 1 Life Point.

ooo — Curse of Damballa (Magic, Attack)
If this attack causes damage, the target suffers Blind, Seal, Slow, and Doom all at Lv. 2. Effect: 16.

ooo — Tonnere Diable (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance 16 inches. -1 Damage. If this Attack causes damage the target suffers Poison Lv. 2. Effect: 16.

o — Ayizan (Magic, Effect)
Until the end of the turn, enemy units that are more than 8 inches away from Kingsley can’t draw Line of Sight to him.

o — Ogoun (Magic, Effect)
Until the end of the turn, whenever an enemy unit causes Kingsley damage, they lose an amount of Life Points equal to the damage caused to Kingsley. If Kingsley dies as a result of the damage dealt to him, then this ability will not cause the unit that dealt the damage to lose Life Points. Effect: 14.