Light Wissenschaft Warrior — Lv. 50 (small base)

At 5 | Dm 3 | Df 10 | Ar 1 | LP 14 | Re 10 | Mo 12/16 | AP 3/4

Equipment: Hiro may be assigned up to 2 Advantage Cards.
Posing: Whenever Hiro destroys an enemy unit he loses 1 Action Point. If he has no Action Points, then he suffers Slow Lv. 1 instead.

oooo — Rider Kick (Ki, Charge)
+4 Attack / +2 Damage / -2 to the target’s Armor. This Attack causes Throw.

ooo — Shooting StarFlash (Ki, Ranged Attack)
Distance 8 inches. +4 Attack. This Attack causes Throw.

ooo — Garo Fang (Ki, Attack)
+5 Attack. This Attack causes Throw.

o — Ultra Finisher (Ki, Ranged Attack)
Distance 16 inches. +5 Attack / +2 Damage. Hiro may only use Ultra Finisher immediately after he has completed making an Attack which causes its target to be Thrown. Once this Attack is over, Hiro takes damage equal to the amount of Life Points the target of Ultra Finisher has left. Limit: Once per game.

Have access to character specific Advantage Card Red Theurgia!!! Go!!!