High Saint Elienai

Light Church Leader Mystic — Lv. 65 (small base)

At 4 | Dm 1 | Df 10 | Ar 0 | LP 9 | Re 13 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/5

Innate Skills: Initiative, Flight, Intangible.

Superior Presence: Elienai’s Control Zone is 12 inches.
Essence: Elienai Recovers 2 Life Points at the beginning of each Recovery Phase.

ooo — Hand of God (Magic, Effect)
All friendly units within Elienai’s Control Zone may throw an additional dice each time they Attack or Dodge (normal or special) and chose the highest result. Upkeep: o

oo — Threads of Destiny (Magic, Effect, Reactive)
This skill nullifies the effect of one Gnosis Point used by an enemy unit within Elienai’s Control Zone. Threads of Destiny should be activated when the enemy player declares the use of the Gnosis Point, but before rolling any dice.

o — Vision (Magic, Effect)
Automatically detect any hidden units within Elienai’s Control Zone.

Spirit between Worlds

Deus Vult: All friendly Units within Elienai’s Control Zone may use Gnosis Points after rolling the die.
Door to The Beyond: If a friendly unit’s LP drops to zero within Elienai’s Control Zone, she may recover it before the character is retired from game. If Elienai decides to do so, she rolls a die and losses that value of LP. This Damage is considered a Sacrifice. If she survives, the unit is not retired from game recovering as many LP as Elienai lost. The recovered unit should be placed with one Action Point within 6 Inches of Elienai.
Spirit: When Elienai uses the skills Soul Fusion or Possession, her spirit enters another body. Therefore, when she does so, Elienai is retired from the board until the possessed unit dies, surpasses the Resistance Check or Elienai decides to end the ability. Meanwhile, she can not be affected by any harmful effect nor use any of her special or innate skills. When Elienai is expulsed by any reason, she should be placed immediately within 8 Inches from her host body.

ooo — Soul Fusion (Magic, Effect)
Choose a friendly unit within Elienai’s Control Zone. That character obtains +1 Attack, +1 Defense, +2 Resistance and rolls an additional die (choose the higher value) when it uses any action or control. Upkeep: ooo

ooo — Possession (Magic, Effect)
Choose an enemy unit with Lv. 60 or below within Elienai’s Control Zone. If it fails Resistance Control, Effect 16, it is possessed by Elienai. From that moment on, it is considered a unit controlled by the Elieani’s player and can be activated like any other friendly unit. If Elienai wishes to maintain the possession in the next turn, the possessed character must roll a new Resistance Control in the Upkeep Phase. If it passes the Effect, Elienai is expulsed and loses 5 LP. Upkeep: ooo