High Arbiter Arkeid

Light Azur Alliance Leader Warrior/Mystic — Lv. 75+

At 6 | Dm 4 | Df 9 | Ar 4 | LP 16 | Re 12 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/5

Summoner Level: 1
Affinity: Light

Innate Abilities: Initiative

oo — Light Beam (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (16 inches).

ooo — Dynasty of Light (Ki, Attack)
+2 Attack / +3 Damage.

ooo — Heaven's Breaker (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (16 inches). +2 Damage. If this attack hits its target, then all Characters within 2 inches of the target character also suffer the Attack.

ooo — Final Wish (Ki, Attack)
+2 Damage. Final Wish affects all enemy units within 3 inches of Arkeid.

oo — Light Shield (Magic, Effect)
A friendly Character within Arkeid's control zone gains Lv. 2 Shield.

Arbiter Orders

Orders per Turn: 3
Influence Zone: 12 inches.
Limitation: Arkeid’s Arbiter Orders do not affect Characters of equal or greater level, other Arbiters or summoned creatures.
Master Summoner: Any Summon entity summoned by Arkeid can receive her Arbiter Orders.

o — Motum (Special, Effect)
Move one friendly Unit within Arkeid's Influence Zone 2 inches. This does not count as a Movement. Motum may not be used more than once on the same Character in a turn.

oo — Praesidium (Special, Dodge, Reactive)
A friendly Unit within Arkeid's Zone of Influence makes a free Dodge.

oo — Opugnis (Special Attack)
A friendly Unit within Arkeid's Influence Zone makes a free hand-to-hand Attack.

ooo — Conmutio (Special, Effect)
Two friendly Units within Arkeid's Influence Zone exchange their positions on the board with each other. This ability may be used to exchange a Unit that is engaged in Hand-to-hand combat.