Dark Summon Prowler — Lv. 15 (small base)

At 5 | Dm 5 | Df 9 | Ar 0 | LP 9 | Re 9 | Mo 12/16 | AP 2/4

Cost to Summon: o | Affinity: Dark | Atman: 20 | Bind: 2 | Stability: 6 | Shock: -5

Undead: Although Hellhound doesn't follow the rules that normally apply to Undead, it is affected by any special abilities that specifically affect Undead.
Hunter: When the Hellhound is summoned choose an enemy unit. That unit is a Hellhound's target. The Hellhound can only attack the target unit. When the target unit leaves the game the Hellhound also immediately leaves as if it had failed a stability check.
Craving: During the Recovery Phase, if the Hellhound's target is within its Control Zone, the Hellhound recovers an additional AP.
Spiritual Invisibility: Enemy units that aren't within 8 inches of the Hellhound can't draw line of sight to it. The Hellhound's target isn't affected by this ability.

oo — Infernal Howl (Magic, Effect)
Enemy units within the Hellhound's Control Zone halve, rounding down, the distance they move when they Walk, Run or Charge for the rest of the turn. Effect 14. The Hellhound's Spiritual Invisibility ability no longer applies until the of the turn when this ability is used.

ooo — Shadowjump (Subterfuge, Charge)
+1 Attack. The Hellhound has Intangible while making this Charge. If the Hellhound kills the target of this Charge with the included attack, then Infernal Howl is activated paying no cost.