Hecatondies Zero Sigma

Neutral Wissenschaft Mystic Warrior Leader — Lv. 80

At 7 | Dm 6 | Df 9 | Ar 4 | LP 18 | Re 10 | Mo 12/16 | AP 3/5

Innate Abilities: Flight, Immunity (Poison).
Technomagical Golem: Zero is a Gear and thusly can't be assigned Advantage Cards

o — Prehensile Tail (Ki, Attack)
This attack causes no damage. If it hits the target suffers Paralyze Lv. 1. Effect 15. Limit: Once per turn.

oo — Code-34: Execution (Ki, Attack)
+5 damage. This attack can only be used on a Paralyzed Character.

ooo — Code-11: Destroyer Dome (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (16 inches). If this Attack hits its target, then all units within 2" of the target also suffer the attack.

ooo — Force Shield (Ki, Attack)
+3 Attack. This attack causes Throw.

ooooo — Code-66 Terminus (Ki, Charge)
+3 Attack / +2 Damage.

Power Cells

At the Start of the game put 3 "Energy" tokens on this card.

Once per turn, as a reaction, you may spend 1 energy token from this card to have Zero gain 1 of the following bonuses until the end of the turn:

  • Code-11: Destroyer Dome gets +2 Damage and will affect units within 4" of the target instead of 2".
  • Code-34 Execution cost is reduced by 1 Action Point.
  • Code-66: Terminus causes Throw and ignores the defender's armor.