Neutral Empire Leader Warrior — Lv 60 (medium base)

At 6 | Dm 6 | Df 9 | Ar 3 | LP 20 | Re 10 | Mo 6/10 | AP 3/5

Innate Abilities: Critical Mastery.
Indomitable: If Griever suffers Damage in hand-to-hand combat, he recovers an action point. This is limited to one Action Point per Turn.

ooo — Scar of the World (Ki, Attack)
+4 Damage. Roll two dice and keep the highest result.

ooooo — End of the World (Ki, Attack)
Griever makes four consecutive attacks against the same target.

oo — Defensive Stance (Ki, Reactive)
This ability may be used in the moment in the Recovery Phase ends. During this Turn, Griever may Dodge any attack as a free action without spending Action Points.