Dark Azur Alliance Prowler — Lv. 40 (small base)

At 5 | Dm 3 | Df 10 | Ar 0 | LP 12 | Re 10 | Mo 12/16 | AP 3/4

Innate abilities: Open Movement.
Unbound: At the end of the Maintenance phase roll a dice. On 6+, Frey suffers Berserk Lvl 1.

oo — Stealth (Subterfuge, Effect)
Frey becomes Hidden. Upkeep: o

ooo — Fimbulvetr (Subterfuge, Charge)
+4 Attack. This Charge cannot be intercepted. If this Charge causes damage, the enemy Unit loses all of its Action Points. Effect 14. Frey may only use this Charge if she is Hidden.

ooo — Unbound Beast (Ki, Charge)
+3 Damage. Frey can only use this Charge if she is Berserk. If this Charge deals damage to an enemy Unit, remove 1 Berserk counter from Frey.

A part of Team Puppet Master along with Adolf and Freya.