Light Empire Warrior — Lv. 40

At 4 | Dm 6 | De 8 | Ar 2 | LP 12 | Re 9 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Mjolnir: Whenever Erika causes a critical hit, the defender loses an action point and the attack causes Throw.

ooo — Ka-Boom! (Ki, Effect)
Every enemy unit within Erika's Control Zone loses 1 Action point. Effect 15.

ooo — Spin! Spin! Spin! (Ki, Attack)
While making this attack Erika rolls two dice and keeps the highest. This attack effects every enemy unit within two inches of her. After the attack roll is resolved Erika suffers Slow Lv. 1

o — Taunt (Subterfuge, Effect)
The closest unengaged enemy unit within Erika's Control Zone suffers Berserk Lv 1, Effect 15. Limit: Once per game.