Light Samael Leader Mystic — Lv. 75 (small base)

At 5 | Dm 5 | Df 10 | Ar 0 | LP 15 | Re 12 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/5

oo — Blessing (Magic, Effect)
All friendly units within Dinah's Control Zone get +1 Attack and Defense as long as this ability remains in effect. This ability may be channeled through Lucera. Upkeep: o

oo — Darkness Veil (Magic, Effect)
All enemy units within Dinah's Control Zone suffer Blind Lv. 1. This ability may be channeled through Umbra. Effect 14.

oo — Energy Projection (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance (16 inches). This ability may be channeled through either Lucera or Umbra. If it is, then its Distance is halved.

ooo — Devastation (Magic, Attack)
+4 Attack. Dinah makes a single Attack on all units within 3 inches of either Lucera or Umbra. After resolving it, the spirit that was used to channel Devastation is removed from play.

oooo — Reality Fold (Magic, Effect)
Dinah trades positions on the board with either Lucera or Umbra. Dinah may take up to three friendly units within her Control Zone with her; these Characters are placed in base to base contact with Dinah after the switch in positions. This ability may be used to remove Characters from Hand-to-hand combat. Limit: Once per game.

Angelic Guardians

Divine Being
While Dinah is in play her controller gets one additional Gnosis point per Turn.

Umbra and Lucera
Dinah has two spirit guardians that will be deployed when she is. They are Umbra and Lucera. These are no more than extensions of Dinah's will with no attributes other than Speed. They cannot be damaged in any way (or removed from the game by other character's abilities) nor can they take any Actions other than to move. Umbra and Lucera are removed from play if Dinah leaves play. If an enemy Character wishes to occupy the same space as either Umbra or Lucera, the spirits are moved up to 1 inch (into an open area) by their controlling player to vacate the space. Umbra and Lucera move freely and independently during Dinah's activation as Intangible units with a Speed of 12 and a Control Zone of 4 inches.

Spiritual Link: Dinah can channel some of her magic abilities through Umbra and Lucera. When she does this Dinah is considered as being in the same position on the board as her spirit guardian. If she tries to channel an ability through a spirit guardian that is not within 16 inches of her (measures are taken after declaring the ability activation), the ability has no effect and that spirit guardian is removed from play.
Angel Guardian: If Dinah would be removed from play for any reason, roll a die, if you roll a 6+ Dinah remain in play with one Life Point. If Dinah is not removed due to this ability then remove one of her spirit guardians from the board. Dinah may only use this ability if there is at least one spirit still in play.