Neutral Samael Optional Leader Mystic — Lv. 35 (small base)

At 4 | Dm 2 | Df 8 | Ar 0 | LP 12 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/5

Summoner Level: 2
Affinity: Light, Dark, Void

Master Summoner: When Covel pays a Character’s Cost to Summon, he pays 1 Action Point less. This ability cannot reduce a Character’s Cost to Summon below 1 Action Point.
Superior Presence: For the purpose of placing a Character Covel has Summoned on the table, Covel’s Control Zone is 12 inches.

ooo — Dark Star (Magic, Ranged Attack)
Distance 16 inches. +1 Attack / +3 Damage.

oo — Empowerment (Magic, Effect, Reactive)
One of Covel's Summons in his Control Zone gains +2 Attack or +2 Defense until the end of the turn.

Jigoku no Kami’s Avatar

Optional Leader: You may choose to use this skill card when Covel is in your party. If you do, Covel gains +25 levels, has the abilities on this card, and is a Leader.
High Summoner: As the Avatar Covel’s Summoner Level increases to 3.
Undaunted: Covel doesn’t lose Life Points due to Shock Checks.
Divine Presence: During the Recovery Phase put a Bind Point on one of Covel's Summons within his Control Zone.
Immortal Avatar: When Covel’s Life Points are reduced to 0, you may destroy a Character summoned by Covel within his Control Zone instead of him. If you do Covel recovers all of his Life Points.
Enhanced Dark Star: Dark Star’s Action Point cost is reduced by one point.

ooo — Dark Sun (Magic, Attack, Reactive)
+6 Attack / +8 Damage. This Attack can only be used at the end of the Recovery Phase. Place a Devastation marker in a location that Covel has Line of Sight to that is within 20 inches of him. Once every character has completed their Activation during the Action Phase, Covel makes a single Attack against all units that are still within 4 inches of the Devastation marker. Remove the marker after the Attack.