Claude Valmore

Light Azur Alliance Warrior — Lv 45

At 5 | Dm 5 | Df 8 | Ar 3 | LP 16 | Re 9 | Mo 6/10 | AP 3/4

oo — Vermilion Parry (Ki, Dodge)
If the Dodge is a success, the attacker suffers Seal Lvl 2. Effect 15.

ooo — Counter of the Cross (Ki, Counterattack)
Attack +4 / Defense -2. By using this Counter, Claude may counterattack even if he failed to Dodge the Attack.

oooo — Absolute Defense (Ki, Effect, Reactive)
This ability may only be activated during the Maintenance Phase. Counterattacks become free actions for the rest of the turn. If an enemy unit engaged in Hand-to-hand combat with Claude try to Escape, Claude perform a free Attack against it before it rolls for the Escape.