Bella and Aqua

Neutral Wanderer Mystic — Lv. 45

At 4 | Dm 4 | Df 9 | Ar 0 | LP 13 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 3/4

Constant Companion: Any Party that includes Bella must include Aqua as well. Bella and Aqua are a Team.

ooo — Unlimited Daggers (Magic, Attack)
When Bella uses this Attack you must choose two of the options below, adding their special effects:
-Pale Smile: If the Attack causes damage, the target suffers Paralyze Lv. 1. Effect 15.
-Jealous Fang: If the Attack causes damage, the target suffers Poison Lv. 2. Effect 16.
-Queen Azazel: The Attack ignores the target's Armor. If it causes damage, all positive state counters are removed from the target.
-Leaf Leak: If this option is chosen, Unlimited Daggers becomes a distance 16 inches Ranged Attack.
-Eros: If this attack causes damage, Bella recovers a number of Life Points equal to the amount of damage her Attack does.
-Igniting Glare: +4 Damage .
-Haley's Tear: +3 Attack .

Neutral Wanderer Warrior/Mystic — Lv. 15

At 5 | Dm 4 | Df 8 | Ar 0 | LP 8 | Re 10 | Mo 8/12 | AP 2/4

Constant Companion: A Party that includes Aqua must include Bella as well. Bella and Aqua are a Team.

Elemental Entity: Advantage Cards cannot be assigned to Aqua.

ooo — Absolon (Magic, Charge)
At the start of this Charge if Aqua is within 4 inches of Bella, it gets an additional Attack +2. This Charge causes Throw.

oo — Dam (Magic, Effect)
An enemy unit within 2 inches of Aqua suffers Paralyze Lvl 1. Effect 15.

o — Flow (Magic, Effect)
An enemy unit with a small base that is in base-to-base contact with Aqua is moved away from Aqua 2 inches.

oo — Recovery (Magic, Effect)
If Bella is within Aqua’s Control Zone, she recovers 1 Action Point.