Arias Vayu

Light Summon Mystic — Lv. 55

At 6 | Dm 4 | Df 10 | Ar 0 | LP 12 | Re 11 | Mo 8/ 12 | AP 3/4

Cost to Summon: oo | Affinity: Light
Atman: 65 Bind: 2 Stability: 8 Shock: 0

Innate Abilities: Flight, Intangible, Ranged Attack 16 inches.
Blades of Air: Arias Vayu's Attacks ignore 1 point of their target's Armor.

Elemental Crystals: Arias Vayu is accompanied by four elemental crystals that must be placed in contact with her base when she is summoned to the board. The crystals move independently during Arias Vayu's activation as flying units with Speed of 12 inches and a Control Zone of 4 inches. The crystals cannot take any other action than to move and are immune to negative states. They may be the target of any attack, in which case they have a Defense of 8 and 1 LP. They can be engaged in Hand-to-hand combat, though any unit that wants to withdraw from combat with them can do so without needing to Escape first. A crystal is destroyed if it suffers any damage, and they all will be removed when Aria's Vayu leaves the game for any reason.

oo — Elemental Crystal (Magic, Effect)
Put an Elemental Crystal on the board within Arias Vayu's Control Zone. This ability only allows the replacement of already destroyed crystals. It cannot allow Arias Vayu to have more than 4 crystals on the board at once.

Elemental Storm

Once per Turn, during her activation, Arias Vayu can call upon the power of her Elemental Crystals as a Free Action. To determinate the effect roll (1D10) on the following table:

1-2 Glass Wind: Until end of Turn Arias Vayu gets +1 Defense and +1 Armor for each of her crystals in play.

3-4 Crystal Lightning: Arias makes one free Ranged Attack with a Distance of 12 inches from each of her crystals in play.

5-6 Glass Typhoon: Arias makes a free Hand-to-hand Attack from each of her crystals in play.

7-8 Thunderstep: Arias recovers one Action Point for each of her crystals in play.

9-10 Tetraformation: +2 Attack. Arias makes a free Attack that affects every Enemy Unit within her Control Zone. All 4 of Arias' crystals must be within her Control Zone, otherwise Tetraformation fails and no Attack is made. If a character takes damage from this Attack, they lose 1 Action Point. Effect 15.