From the Web Addendum vol. 2:


Azur Alliance Leaders and some other entities are Arbiters. Arbiters are characters who obey unique rules that allow them to influence their subordinates’ actions. To do this, they use Order Points, special tokens they get every turn. While they all share the following abilities, each Arbiter has unique powers and abilities of their own as indicated on their corresponding Arbiter Card.

Orders by Turn: This is the number of Order Points the Arbiter has at its disposal each Turn. Unlike Action Points, Order Points cannot be accumulated and the number available to an Arbiter is set to this number each turn during the Recovery Phase. That means an Arbiter who has 3 Orders per Turn begins a Turn with 3 Order Points, regardless of the number they had the Turn before. To indicate how many Order Points an Arbiter has, put one token for each of them on the Arbiter Card and remove them when paying costs.

Zone of Influence: An Arbiter’s Zone of Influence is the area inside of which it can use its Orders on friendly Characters. It works exactly as the Zone of Control, but the two can have different ranges and are not the same thing. Each Arbiter Card indicates the range of the Arbiter’s Zone of Influence.

Orders: These are the special abilities the Arbiter can use, by spending their Order Points. Each Order has a cost, which indicates how many Order Points a player must spend to activate the Order (Action Points cannot be spent to activate Orders). Unless the description indicates otherwise, Orders are Active Actions, and may only be used during the Arbiter’s activation.