8th Orochi Seal - Awakened State

Type: Power
Category: Takanosuke only
Actions: Automatic
Level: +10

This card may only be used on Takanosuke. Reveal this card at the beginning of the first turn. It remains in play for the rest of the game. Awakened State may not be used if your Group includes Kujaku Hime. While in play, Takanosuke gains the following special rules:

  • Takanosuke is considered a Dark Unit.
  • Takanosuke gains a +1 to his Attack attribute.
  • Void Eye causes Lv1 Doom instead of Lv1 Slow.
  • At the end of every Maintenance Phase, throw a dice; with a result of 8+ put a Berserk Counter on Takanosuke.